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sabato 25 maggio 2019
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About Us


Initiatives for human promotion, for nature protection , for art works restoration


1. The seat of the Association is at: 18/a Via XX Settembre, 28100 Novara, Italy
2. The Association has been established with no time limit
3. Any profit, political, union or similar interests excluded, the Association aims at promoting initiatives in various areas: socio-cultural, study, research, education and training, free time, mobility, in order to:

  • improve the geographical, historical, environmental, artistic, linguistic and civic knowledge of Countries, regional and local areas, through the activation and coordination of any suitable initiative and resource;
  • increase consciousness of the importance of environmental protection, promote and, when necessary, reclaim sites, with or without permanent settlements, through projects, supports, courses and visits;
  • educate and train to the conservation and reclaiming of works of art, archaeological and urban sites; work out, coordinate and carry out suitable projects;
  • make the access to mobility opportunities easier, support human resources, cultural exchanges, different cultures understanding, offering instruments, agreements, information and opportunities through journeys, sojourns, work and/or study stages, so that any kind of prejudice, cultural barrier and misunderstanding can be overcome;
  • stipulate agreements and organize opportunities to enjoy free time, both as individuals and as groups, in its different forms: sports events, journeys, meetings, etc.;
  • organize and take part in meetings involving individuals, groups, communities and including all levels of schools coming both from U.E. and non U.E. Countries; support Public and Private bodies, local Public Administrations and foreign Countries Administrations in their projects of human resource sharing, cultural exchanges, integrated professional training between different countries; offer help and competence in assessing the feasibility and in carrying out their projects;
  • stipulate agreements, and organize programs together with any enterprise or body which can support the Association and its members, either in their position of guests or active parts, with any kind of help or service consistent with the Association’s motivations and initiatives;
  • open temporary or permanent offices for the management of information to be offered to the public in general or any specific body of users, either directly or in cooperation with enterprises and organizations acting in the same area of interests and goals shared by the Association;
  • the Association can also stipulate agreements with Public or Private bodies, sharing the same aims and objectives, in order to favour its members’ personal necessities.

The Association lives on the ideas , projects, initiatives of its members. The approved projects involve the whole Association.

Yearly membership fee: € 10,00

Information about facilities offered to the members of the Association will be given separately.

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